2020 – a weird one. Home training tips.

It´s an extraordinary situation right now. The sun is shining outside, spring is awakening and instead of riding the MTB into nature, most people have to stay at home. I have a work apartment in Munich, which I immediately left behind after the exit restrictions occurred. Now I am lucky enough to be at home with my parents in beautiful Brandenburg (eastern Germany). Here in the small village I can move around much more freely than in the city.

Luckily I made a big trip to China last December and another one to Chile and New Zealand early this year. So it´s fairly easy for me to stay at home for a couple of weeks and get all the things done that were bugging me for a long time. Besides making plans for later this year, organizing my equipment and starting to write a book I also do a lot of training. Actually you can do way more things at home than you think. I love to exercise with my training app “Freeletics” or do core training with the Plankpad, as well as running and biking on my own. Lately I do a lot of active recovery which I really recommend everybody. One important aspect it to use the Blackroll and stretch. For stretching and relaxation I use the Yoga Youtube videos from Mady Morrison. You should try it out – it´s amazing.

As a treat for your home workout I´ll give you my Spotify Training Playlist.

You can also check my home training Youtube video below.

Und für alle deutschen Leser gibt es noch mehr Trainings Infos von mir auf dem Trek Blog.

Have fun exercizing!